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Assisted Living

Every senior deserves a good life during retirement. After having gone through so much they should enjoy a stress-free life, where they have easy access to help and assistance as needed. Without such assistance the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) can become mentally and physically stressful. This is why it is important to consider Assisted Living options as you or your loved one ages. 

What is Assisted Living?  

Assisted Living provides care and assistance to those who need help with the ADLs. These activities include grooming, toileting, cleaning, eating, cooking, transferring (getting in and out of bed, chairs, cars, etc.), showering, and medication management, amongst other things. 

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What About Independence?

Many care communities and care homes throughout Arizona offer high quality Assisted Living options in a safe environment where a healthy mix between the seniors’ independence and the assistance they need is offered. These communities and homes understand seniors want to be independent, enjoy a quality life and when needed receive assistance. The goal with Assisted Living is to find that optimum balance between a  residents’ desire for independence and their need for assistance.

Do I Need Assisted Living?

If you find yourself requiring help to complete the ADLs or you have a health condition that requires supervision you probably need  assisted living. Common health-related conditions which can require Assisted Living include but are not limited to: failing eyesight, early stage Alzheimers and Dementia, debilitating arthritis, fractures and wounds. Assisted Living communities offer basic health care for their residents. The health of their residents is the #1 priority. They ensure that prescriptions and doctor recommendations are followed. 


Services and Amenities

Assisted Living communities offer a wide range of services and amenities to their residents to promote socialization, happiness, and stress-free living. Some of the services include:

  • Housekeeping

  • Laundry and Clothing Services

  • Linen Services

  • Transportation

  • Transferring

  • Grooming

  • Toileting

  • Medication Management

  • Meal preparation

In addition to the list above  there are also many amenities offered to ensure residents live the good life they desire. These amenities improve social interactions and the residents’ quality of life. As such there can be much to look forward to when considering Assisted Living. Some amenities offered include: 

  • Fitness center

  • Indoor or outdoor pools/hot tubs

  • Beauty salon, barbershop, or spa

  • Guest suite and guest parking

  • Private dining room for special events

  • Coffee shop, restaurant, or café

  • Library

  • Courtyard or garden area

  • Walking paths

  • Concierge services (package drop-off and pick-up, dry cleaning, etc.)

  • Religious groups and services 

Additionally, care communities and homes have  emergency call  systems that allow staff members to respond quickly to residents' emergency needs. 


What is the cost?

The rates are relatively affordable, depending on the specific needs and level of care. The cost of every assisted living community varies from state to state, and city to city.

Some communities offer all inclusive packages whereas others help you customize what works best for you and your budget. The cost for Assisted Living typically starts at $2500 per month. 

There are many options available to help pay for assisted living, including: social security benefits, pensions, retirement savings, family assistance, long-term care insurance, reverse mortgages, ALTCS, Veteran’s benefits, and more.


How to get Started?

At Abundant Care Arizona we match you to the best Assisted Living communities and homes in your area. We take into account your needs, health, level of care, geographic preference, budget, and more to find the best options! There is no cost to you for using our services. We are paid by our extensive network of partner communities only if you move in. To speak with a Senior Care Advisor call today!


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