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Home Care

  • Household Maintenance. Maintaining the household is a great deal of work for older adults. This is why Home Care offers household maintenance services like gardening, shopping, housekeeping, laundry, etc. If you or your loved one needs help with household maintenance, Home Care can be a great choice.

  • Health Care Management. Home Care offers health services like occupational therapy, first aid treatments, etc.

  • Day Programs. Home Care services include programs that help senior citizens socialize and engage their minds. These programs are mostly for persons with early stages of Alzheimer's or Dementia.

  • Transportation. Transportation becomes difficult for people as they grow older. Home Care services provide transportation options like rideshare, senior transportation, and reduced fare taxis.

  • Personal Care. Home Care also offers personal care services like dressing, bathing, meal preparations, etc.

If you or your loved one needs assistance with the mentioned services Home Care may be a good option. This is particularly true for people who do not want other senior living options like Assisted Living or Independent Living. Abundant Care Arizona can connect you with the best Home Care providers. Call us today and you can rest assured you will be connected to the very best Home Care services available.

What Is the Cost?

The rates are relatively affordable. Factors that affect rates include level of care, unique services, room preference, and geographic preference. The cost for Home Care typically starts around $25 per hour. With an estimated weekly help of 16 hours, your monthly budget should be at least $1600 for this type of care.

​There are many options available to help pay for Home Care including social security benefits, pensions, retirement savings, family assistance, reverse mortgages, Veteran’s benefits, and more.

How to get Started

At Abundant Care Arizona, we connect you with the best Home Care agencies in your area. We take into account your needs, health, level of care, geographic preference, budget, and more to find the best options! There is no cost to you for using our services. We are paid by our extensive network of partner communities only if you move in. To speak with a Senior Care Advisor call Abundant Care Arizona today!

What is Home Care?

Home Care is an in-home service, offering assistance to older adults who can no longer handle daily personal or household activities.  Home Care is entirely different from other senior living options because the assistance is delivered to seniors in their homes as opposed to other options where the senior is required to move to an entirely new environment to receive care. 

Home Care Services

Home Care offers a wide range of services. These services make daily living less daunting for seniors and provide the  opportunity for seniors to continue living at home. Examples of services offered include:

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