Nursing Home Guide

Nursing Homes

  • Requires frequent physician care/treatments

  • History of, or highly prone to falling

  • Help with the Activities of Daily Living

  • Is currently not getting adequate care

  • Issues with medication management

  • Not being adequately nourished

  • Needs 24/7 medical care

  • Home is commonly and abnormally in disarray

  • Needs rehabilitation

  • Signs of memory loss

Nursing Homes Services

The services of Nursing Homes vary but all include the same daily services provided by Assisted Living communities and homes like:

  • Housekeeping

  • Functional mobility

  • Dressing

  • Fitness and Wellness programs

  • Organized Activities (board games, musical events, etc.), among many others.


Additionally, Nursing Homes offer more specialized programs for their residents including:

  • Dental services

  • Lab services

  • Speech therapy

  • Rehabilitation

  • 24 Medical care

  • Diet and nutrition

  • Physical therapy, etc. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of Nursing Home living is one of the most expensive forms of Senior Living due to the high level of care required. Other factors that affect the costs include location, room preference, etc.  The cost for Nursing Homes typically starts at $6500 per month. 

What Are Nursing Homes?

Nursing Homes are for people, especially older adults, who require special medical attention for a short or long period of time. They provide the highest levels of medical care and assistance to people with different medical conditions. Nursing Homes are a more intensive version of assisted living designed to help seniors with prolonged health conditions. They have skilled nurses available 24/7 to give care and attention. They can be likened to long-term hospitals.


Does My Loved One Need a Nursing Home?

Your loved one may need a nursing home if they are recovering from a serious injury or illness, or if they just need adequate care. Many Nursing Homes also have special units that cater to seniors with dementia. Below find a list of reasons one may need a Nursing Home:

Find Nursing Homes

There are many options available to help pay for Nursing Home care, including: social security benefits, pensions, retirement savings, family assistance, long-term care insurance, reverse mortgages, ALTCS, Veteran’s benefits, and more.


How to get Started?

Abundant Care Arizona will connect you to the best Nursing Homes in your area. We take into account your needs, health, level of care, geographic preference, budget, and more to connect you with the best care options! There is no cost to you for using our services since we are paid through our extensive network of partner communities only if you move in.  Call today to speak with a Senior Care Advisor at Abundant Care Arizona!


Abundant Care Arizona Senior Placement is family-owned and dedicated to helping your family find the perfect home for your aging loved one. From our family to yours, we turn stressful situations into pleasant experiences from start to finish. 


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